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About us

Teak is one of the world’s most desired hardwoods. Teak’s naturally high oil content makes it incredibly durable. Teak resists warping, rotting, termites and other insects. Teak will last for decades. Teak can withstand the most extreme weather conditions including salt, sun, snow and rain. Because of teak’s unique properties, it has been the choice of mariners for centuries.

Not only is teak durable, it’s beautiful to see and touch. Its intricate grain patterns and color variations make each piece unique unto itself.  There are no other hardwoods that can match the soft, warm, silky feel of teak that comes from the rich oil contained in the wood.

Whitecap Teak Furniture products are made from kiln dried, fully-aged teak wood. To ensure strength and durability, each of our craftsman- made products uses traditional assembly techniques, such as dove-tail and mortice & tenon joints. Screw fittings are countersunk and plugged. Only high quality waterproof adhesive is used. Each item is hand sanded and hand finished to a rich elegant luster.                  


Whitecap Teak Furniture only uses lumber certified by the government of Thailand as from managed forests in accordance with Thailand’s national policies and strategies for sustainable forest management. No other species or origins of wood or veneers are used in our products. Everything is made of solid teak.

When teak is exposed to the year-round outdoor climate, it will over time mature to a silvery gray color. To preserve the rich golden finish and enhance the grain; apply golden teak oil annually. Teak can be left out in the weather all year long.  Teak does not require any type of finish to maintain long life or preserve its surface. To restore silvered teak to a rich luster, clean with a good teak cleaner and brightener then apply one to two liberal applications of a high quality golden teak oil.